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Not every one these pains can be treated by popping up a pain killer.

Not often do we give it sufficient thought and also take pain killer when pain begins to cause us distress. Pain, occasionally, can be quite a powerful sign that your body is attempting to deliver you. Popping a pain killer is not the solution. Thus, you shouldn’t attempt and treat them in your home.

These may be warning signs of a health condition that requires you to find a physician. Ignoring it persistently may result in health complications. Joint pain is a sign of rheumatoid arthritis that could be chronic. In addition, it can be due to systemic inflammatory disease which may result in cerebral joints and cause loss of muscle and joint function.

Left Arm Pain
Heavy lifting may be among the explanations for pain in arms. Pain in the left arm, even when accompanied by feelings of distress and discomfort in chest, shouldn’t be dismissed.

Pain from the Calves
You should not cope with numbness in calf muscles (with no strenuous physical activity) using a painkiller. The underlying cause is severe whenever there is discoloration and fever loss of skin. Arterial insufficiency or congestion in blood supply to an organ may be the main reason for pain in the calves.

If your back pain does not go away in a couple of days, it might require medical intervention. Back pain along with numbness, weakness or tingling in the limbs or loss of bladder/ bowel control factors towards nerve wracking and is a indication of something serious.

Severe Anxiety that Worsens in Night
in case you’ve been experiencing heavy, intense pain anywhere in your system which worsens at nighttime, it may mean something severe. If pain during the night is accompanied with anaemia, unexplained fractures, insignificant falls, common infections and fatigue, there might be a form of bone cancer.


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