Modern society appears to be affected by depression at epidemic proportions. Depression is just one of the most frequent kinds of mental disorders, affecting approximately 340 million people worldwide.Image result for Depression Naturally

Depression goes beyond the seasonal sad feeling that accompanies loss, weather, or even sad memories of major events in life- known as situational depression. Clinical (also known as endogenous) depression, is caused by inside and is not related to outside scenarios.

Depression can occur at any age – even young children, adolescents and college-going adults become diagnosed with clinical depression; it succeeds in most social classes and cultures. However, gender plays an important role in placing you at risk for developing depression – affecting 25 percent of girls versus about 10 percent of men.

Depression is the most treatable mental issue. However, approximately 50 percent of patients stop their normal treatment because of unpleasant side effects or other concerns like fear of dependence on their drug therapy.

Some lifestyle changes and herbal remedies can help cure depression like conventional antidepressant therapies.

A study published in 2005 in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” reported that brisk walking 35 minutes every day, five times a week (or 60 minutes a day, three times each week) leads to considerable reduction of mild to moderate depression symptoms.
On the other hand, the connection between exercise and relieved symptoms of depression isn’t clear.

Exercise aids us by raising our own body temperature, which calms us. When we exercise, our body releases chemicals- endorphins and norepinephrine, making us feel good. Endorphins boost our immune system and reduce our understanding of pain. Norepinephrine is a compound that our mind makes, it is helpful to increase our mood.

Live Happy

Low serotonin receptor function is associated with poor mood, and high serotonin levels are associated with better mood. Scientists have discovered that the way that you believe can alter neurotransmitter levels.

Visit Nature

Mark Sisson has written some excellent articles on the value of sunshine and light exposure. In those posts, he’s mentioned how working outside can increase your happiness and health. Though working out in the open may be impossible for everyone, one can prioritise their time to spend a minimum of 30 minutes every day outdoors.

Chop wood, mess around in the backyard, walk the dog, take a hike, ride a bicycle, go canoeing, go skiing-do whatever you like. Researchers show that exposure to bright light will help in raising serotonin levels and hence alleviate depression symptoms.

Take Herbal Supplements

There are assorted herbs which contain medicinal powers to treat a number of ailments. St. John’s wort has been used for hundreds of years by people all around the world and is one of the very promising herbs for curing depression. Other beneficial herbs contain passionflower, lavender, lemon balm, Valerian, oat leafy tops, and nettles. But, you must look for advice from a certified herbalist or health care provider before searching for resort in these supplements.

A research in the George Eby Research Institute found that when 125 to 300 milligrams of magnesium was given to patients with major depression at mealtime and bedtime, patients started to recover from their symptoms in less than 1 week.

Caution- Take some of those supplements after consulting with your doctor.

Follow a Regular

A routine which makes your one day melt into another is what you need when sad. It can help you to get on track. Depression can cause you to need to pull back from life. Don’t give up your duties at home and work.

Depression can naturally be medicated by staying involved and having daily responsibilities. Fulfilling these duties evoke a sense of accomplishment in depressed individuals and aids in realising that they are not good-for-nothing.

Revoke Negative Thoughts

The fight against depression is mostly mental. To acquire it, you have to change how you think. Depression makes your brain to consider worst possible decisions. The best way to retort it is logic. It takes practice to trust in yourself. Beat those negative thoughts when you feel you are the most worthless person on this world; beat them until they get out of control.

Sleep Enough

Although, it is hard to sleep while you are miserable but not taking enough sleep makes the condition worse. Try making some alterations to your lifestyle- head to bed and get up at a predetermined time every day. Eliminate computer or TV from your bedroom – those are only distractions.

Come out of the Rut

When we do something fresh, the levels of dopamine that’s related to pleasure, pleasure, and learning, change our thoughts.

If nothing sounds fun anymore, keep looking for fun. Employing a combination of high levels of fun, bright lights or nature vulnerability, the ideal kind of exercise, and diet, you can help combat mild melancholy and optimize your mental performance.


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