At new year parties, we all indulge ourselves in meals and beverages that ultimately lead to increase in weight. It’s very necessary that we regain our figure and decrease the extra flab. Below are some asanas and mudras which can help you lose those extra kilos so you may have a blast with no tension.

Asanas and Mudras for Weight Loss

Surya mudra

  • Keep the ring finger onto the lower portion of the nostril and press it lightly with the thumb

Surya bheda pranayama

  • Put cotton ‘plug’ on your left nostril so that you will breathe through the ideal nostril or block the left nostril by lightly pressing with the ring and small finger of the ideal hand
  • Sit comfortably
  • Breathe in and out through the ideal nostril just
  • Repeat ten times
  • Particular Asanas to Reduce Weight

Urdhva hastasana

  • Stand directly. Join the feet. Tighten the knees and elbows. Draw the shoulder back. Stretch the arms overhead and then increase the heels


  • Bend down on your stomach
  • Maintain the palms onto the floor and the hands near the sides of the chest. The elbows should be raised up. The legs should be straight and also the elbows should join together
  • Inhale and lift the chest and head upwards. The lower portion of the navel should touch the floor
  • While lifting the head, bend the neck as far as you can
  • Remain in this position for about 30 minutes


  • Maintaining a distance of one foot between the legs stand directly. Both the hands should be spread towards the shoulders
  • Inhale and bring the left hand in front and break it on the left paw on the floor, otherwise, keep the hands close to the ankle and lift the proper hands upward and bend the neck to the ideal side and look at the ideal hand
  • Then while exhaling comeback to the first position and repeat the drill from another side


  • Keep a space of one foot between the legs and stand directly
  • Spread the palms on the shoulders, the palms should be straight facing the ground
  • Twist the right hand from the front and keep it on the left shoulder
  • Twist the left hand from the buttocks and keep it to the waist
  • The palm of this hand that’s on the waist will be towards the upside
  • Turn the neck left. Repeat on the opposite side
  • In this manner do 5 repetitions on each side


  • Bend down straight on your back and keep the hands below the hips, hold the breath, then lift one leg fold up into the knee, bring the ankle close to the hip and rotate in a concentric motion
  • Repeat this from 10 to 30 times in accordance with the capacity. Likewise repeat the exercise with the second leg
  • Rotate the legs without even touching the floor. Produce a circular shape with the legs
  • Repeat this 10 to 30 days in accordance with the capacity
  • When tired lie down in shavasan and rest for quite a while and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction and break when tired


  • Sit on the floor. Twist the left leg
  • Then fold the ideal leg over the left
  • Take the left arm above the head and bend it at the elbow
  • Set the left hand between the shoulder blades. Then take the right hand behind the rear
  • Twist the fingers of the left hand with fingers of the right hand

Drink warm water and honey

  • Whenever you are hungry, drink a cup of warm water that includes 1 teaspoon honey along with 10 drops of lime juice this will be a fantastic substitute for eating and helps to melt the fat
  • It will also be useful for you to choose Triphala every night. At least 1 hour after supper, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1/2 to 1 tsp Triphala, allow it to simmer for 10 minutes and beverage

Snacks you can afford to consume

  • Between meals, if you prefer to munch, eat raisins, that are a mild laxative. Don’t eat chips, which can be salty and fatty and hard to stop eating. Do not eat popcorn.
  • Use hot spices
  • Use spices in cooking.

Don’t’ rest in the day

  • Obese people frequently like to take siestas, but this isn’t a very helpful practice. Don’t sleep throughout daily


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