Diet alterations and following an exercise regimen aren’t the only two things that help you lose weight. If you don’t wind up winning the battle with stubborn fat, you might think trying barley water. Barley, a fibre-rich grain, is served as a rice substitute.

How Can Barley Help in Weight Loss?
Calorie Count: Barley water is ready from raw barley (a cup of serving size of 200 grams). It contains 600 to 750 calories approximately. These calories have to be burnt in roughly 200 minutes of brisk walking.

It’s one of the effective weight loss remedies as very little of those calories come from fat. The majority of the calorie content is caused by complex carbohydrates. Therefore, it is unavoidable for barley water to be rather an effective cure for weight loss.

Fibre: Barley contains a lot of fiber, which helps one feel full for a long time. If you keep a check on your cravings, you’ve got a better chance of losing weight. Instead of snacks which are loaded with calories, have barley water to feel fuller and healthy.

Smooth Bowel Functions: Apart from low-carb and fiber count, barley water makes sure you receive a proper bowel movement. Fibre helps cleanse your digestive system and detoxify your entire body.

How to create Barley Water?
To prepare barley water, then you need 1 cup full of organic barley, 4 cups filled with water and a spoon of lemon juice. Place these ingredients in a pan and rinse for 10-15 minutes. It will lessen the quantity of water by about one-third. Let it cool. The grains will be softened and cooked by today. Pour on the barley water mixture through a sieve. Barley water is best served cold.


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