Merkaba is a Sort of meditation of Focused and Improved awareness which Concentrates on the geometric field of energy around the human body Turning in an unbelievable elevated speed.This meditation is an easy and prevailing tool which assists in healing.
Why You Need to do Merkaba meditation today
It is suggested that because of the pollution of their body, mind and spirit, the energies become sluggish and their motion stops. Human are only half alive without these as if they had been going throughout the world. Merkaba is a state of mind where these energy fields are reawakened via meditation and put into motion again. This is a rotational area of energy that emits positive vibes throughout the spirit and body.

How can it be done?
The Merkaba meditation has a certain technique that starts with a run of long breaths and every time you take a breath, there is an energy field that can accompany you. Individuals who exercise Merkaba open themselves to the world in another way to which they’d been blind to.

Advantages of Merkaba
Merkaba meditation is directed on a sacred geometry that allows you to understand not just your own self but the entire universe. The study of this concept makes you realize that the geometry and the routine that revolves round the universe in the slander blade of grass into the unimaginable distant stars.

The moment these strong energies become recognized and reignite, they may be channeled as an instrument for healthy reflection. The energies which are emitted are directed and created by the power of love, therefore providing a possible help in curing the inner spirit and the body. This meditation acts as a means of transport that takes us further than we might have ever been before, from our heart to our inner soul.


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