Do you shout in vain on your splitting dry hair? Or maybe wash just the bangs to maintain your hair out of looking too oily? Irrespective of your hair kind, an egg mask may be the ideal thing to wear your hair for a general conditioning. And, it is not so difficult to prepare. Here are two simple ways in which you are able to prepare an egg mask and banish hair thinning with its routine application.

Egg Yolk Hair Mask
The yolk of an egg is filled with protein and also applying a hair mask ready from it can be interchangeable with an intensive protein hair therapy. Egg yolk contains vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins A, E and D. These vitamins have a tendency to encourage the development of hair and also prevent hair from falling. These vitamins together help in strengthening in addition to softening the hair. Olive oil is responsible for exfoliating hair and preventing premature graying. The existence of a nutrient-rich egg yolk in addition to olive oil creates this hair mask ideal for fighting and preventing hair loss.

The best way to prepare
Ingredients: 2 egg yolks, 2 tbsps olive oil, 1 cup water.

• Add the egg yolk in a bowl and pour olive oil on it.
• Mix both the ingredients well and add half a cup of water on it.
• Utilize the first two fingers to use the mixture throughout your scalp in an equal manner.
• when the mixture is applied, put on a shower cap and then allow the mixture sit for around 15-20 minutes.
• Rinse the mixture out how you typically do.
• Shampooing following this hair mask therapy is optional.

This hair treatment might be used only once or twice in a month.

Egg White Hair Mask
Using egg white on the scalp is an effective remedy for all those who own an oily hair. Surplus oil on hair may cause all kinds of issues like pore congestion causing acne and other skin infections. Too much oil may also result in frequent tangling that is difficult to tame with a spoonful. The egg white hair mask contains honey and olive oil, each of which has emollient properties.

The best way to prepare
Ingredients: 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil

• Take equally as much egg white as you will need to your hair’s length.
• Use just two of your fingers to propagate and then put on the hair mask evenly on the scalp.
• After you’ve applied it throughout your scalp, put on a shower cap and allow the mixture to wash out.
• Allow the mask sit for 15-20 minutes.
• Rinse it out with water.
• Shampooing article this hair therapy is optional.


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