In contrast to the common perception that curry leaves us fat, health specialists urge the combination of a potato juice regimen using healthy meals for losing weight. Potato is thought of one of the banned vegetables if you are on a weight-loss programme. Although potatoes add fat to the body only if it’s consumed with cream or butter is added.

How curry assists weight loss?
The potato isn’t so unhealthy since it’s considered quite it’s low in calories and full of energy. The nutritionally-balanced curry (including potassium, calcium and beta-carotene) makes us feel satiated after ingestion. A study conducted in the Arizona State University indicates that curry is a fat-burner; because of the presence of vitamin C.

Potatoes have resistant starch which slows down the digestion procedure while contributing to the process of burning calories. Potato juice after a meal stalls the increase of appetite raising hormones (leptin and ghrelin). Eating foods that make you feel fulfilled is the trick to weight loss.

Furthermore, potatoes are a superb source of fiber too. An average-sized curry can rejuvenate up to 10 per cent of body’s daily requirement of fiber. More importantly, fibre is a non-digestible component that supports the removal of solid waste in the body. It helps to move the fat rapidly through the digestive tract to get slow absorption, aiding to weight loss.

Suggestions to shed weight with curry juice:
Consistently take new potatoes. They need to have firm and brown skin. Take out the ones which are shrivelled, have increasing white sprouts onto it or the green ones
To prepare the potato juice, put the potatoes to a blender or food processor to liquefy them. Take off the skin’s skin should you feel like, although it’s an excellent source of several vitamins. To make it taste better, include a sweetener or honey
Ideally, potato juice provides best advantages when consumed around two-and-a-half hours prior to eating each dinner and breakfast, even though drinking it after foods also has health advantages

Besides consuming curry juice on a regular basis, eating healthful and nutritionally balanced meals is quite important. Your weight-loss efforts will be in vain if you opt for unhealthy foods even while drinking potato juice.
In order to avert any adverse drug interactions and unnecessary complications, it’s advisable to talk with your doctor before going to a curry juice diet.


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